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Part 2 – Authority

Put yourself in their shoes for a minute. You need to find a reputable doctor near you for a checkup, so you hop over to Google for a quick search. Up pops a list of practices. How do you decide who to call?

If you’re like me, the first thing you check for are reviews, right? How many people like this doctor? How recent is the last review? Are there any bad reviews? If so, how did the clinic respond?

You narrow my list down based on reviews, then you check out the websites of your top contenders to see if you can see who you’re actually going to be dealing with.

Does the website make you feel like you can trust the practice? Are there any examples of the types of treatments they do? Wouldn’t you like to actually see a picture of the healthcare team – or at least the MD? You also want to verify that they actually serve the area where you live.

Are they open right now? When should you expect them to get back to you?

In other words, everybody is looking for these five things:

  • Social proof (reviews)
  • Responsive (they respond to reviews and care what people say)
  • Quality (they do a good job)
  • Trust (can I trust these people with my health?)
  • Integrity (do they treat people fairly?)

When a practice checks all those boxes, that’s who you call.

In a nutshell, we call this your authority. We take care of all five of these categories for you. We are essentially your online PR firm covering all of these bases without you having to spend any time on it.

Yesterday I showed you how we get you in front of the right people.

Now you know why you get the clicks.

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Keegan Singh

Keegan Singh

Keegan Singh

My name is Keegan Singh, and I founded PracticePop specifically to help private practices land local patients without feeling like they’re gambling their money with garden-variety web agencies.